Hugh Laurie, once part of the very funny comic British duo Fry and Laurie, famous for roles in ‘Blackadder’, and as a smooth talking , very upper class MI6 boss in ‘Spooks’, seemed at first to be an odd choice to play the American crusty doc Gregory House, but Mr Laurie has made the role his own.


First broadcast in 2004, the fifth season starts on September 16th 2008. When Hugh Laurie auditioned for the role, he was under the false impression that the role of House was a co-star to what he thought was the central character of Wilson. At that time the central character had not been named and rumor is that he was called “House” as a play on words and ‘tribute’ to Sherlock Holmes (Holmes/Homes/House?) as House’s methods of diagnosing the patients’ diseases were similar to Sherlock Holmes methods of tracking down the criminal.


The producers were very impressed with Hugh Laurie’s audition and amazingly did not realise he was British! His American accent was THAT good.


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