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Season 1


Episode # 1, originally aired:  Wednesday September 26, 2007

"Breathe Me" performed by Sia  Sia - Breathe Me - EP - Breathe Me    (Click here for Sia's video: Breathe Me)
"Whoo, Alright, Yeah...Uh Huh" performed by The Rapture  The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love - Whoo! Alright, Yeah... Uh Huh

"S.O.S." performed by Earl Greyhound  Earl Greyhound - Soft Targets - S.O.S




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"Paradise Lost"

Episode # 2, originally aired:  Wednesday October 3, 2007

"What Light" performed by Wilco  Wilco - Sky Blue Sky - What Light    (Click here for Wilco's video: What Light)

"Don't Give Up" performed by Noisettes  Noisettes - What's the Time, Mr. Wolf? - Don't Give Up



Episode # 3, originally aired:  Wednesday October 10, 2007

"Breakin' Dishes" performed by Rihanna  Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad - Breakin' Dishes

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Episode # 4, originally aired:  Wednesday October 17, 2007

"Going Under" performed by Evanescence  Evanescence - Fallen - Going Under   (Click here for the video: Going Under)

"Livin' Life" performed by Eels  Eels - The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered - Living  Life

"A Little Bit More" performed by The Good Life   The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights - A Little Bit More

"Closer to You" performed by Brandi Carlile  Brandi Carlile - Brandi Carlile - Closer to You

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"The Education of Jaime Sommers "

Episode # 5, originally aired:  Wednesday October 24, 2007

"Happy Alone" performed by Earlimart  Earlimart - Mentor Tormentor - Happy Alone

"Nothing Happening" performed by Ben Kweller  Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller - Nothing Happening

"Recoil" performed by Ani Difranco  Ani Difranco - Knuckle Down - Recoil

"Silver Lining" performed by Rilo Kiley  Rilo Kiley - Under the Blacklight - Silver Lining    (Click here for the video: Silver Lining)

"Unbreakable" performed by Fireflight


"The List"


Episode # 6, originally aired:  Wednesday November 7, 2007


"The Little Things" performed by Earlimart   Earlimart - Mentor Tormentor - The Little Things

"Unbreakable" performed by Fireflight  Fireflight - Unbreakable - Single - Unbreakable

"Dsco" performed by Sweet Trip  Sweet Trip - Velocity : Design : Comfort - Dsco  



"Trust Issues"


Episode # 7, originally aired:  Wednesday November 14, 2007


"Sad Eyes" performed byBat for Lashes   Bat for Lashes - Fur and Gold - Sad Eyes



"Do Not Disturb"


Episode # 8, originally aired:  Wednesday November 28, 2007


"First Cool Hive" performed by Moby  Moby - Everything Is Wrong - First Cool Hive   (Click here for an alternate version: Moby - I Like to Score - First Cool Hive (Alternate Version))

"Lady" performed by Two Gallants  Two Gallants - The Scenery of Farewell - EP - Lady

"Teenagers" performed by My Chemical Romance  My Chemical Romance - Teenagers - EP - Teenagers  

"Where Are You Going" performed by Dave Matthews Band  Dave Matthews Band - Busted Stuff - Where Are You Going


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